E-cig Starter Kits

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Showing 1–50 of 79 results

Are you thinking of starting to vape? Start with an e-cigarette starter kit from PremiumVape. Here are several complete vape kits for you to choose from and all are complete with Mod, Tank, Coils and USB cable.

The nice thing about our starter kits is that they are equally suitable for both the beginner and experienced user who are eager to try something new or want to upgrade to a new model. One thing that is good to think about when choosing a starter kit is to know what effect you want your e-cig to give. If you want an e-cig that is similar to an ordinary cigarette, you should choose a variant that gives less air flow, and if you want one that gives a lot of vapor, you should instead choose one that have more air flow.

E-cigarette starter kit for Mouth-To-Lung or Direct-Lung-Inhale

Different electric cigaret kits are suitable for different types of users, it all depends on what you prioritize. Want to get the same feeling you get from a regular cigarette? Then Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) e-cig kit can be something for you, and if you want a soft but full-bodied feeling, a Direct-Lung-Inhale (DLI) kit is more suitable. What distinguishes these is which e-juice liquids are best suited for each variant. An MTL gives more air resistance in the puff and therefore feels most like a regular cigarette in the feeling. It also evaporates a smaller amount of liquid, which means that you can advantageously use a juice with a higher nicotine content in this type of e-cig. A DLI e-cig works the other way around and gives a much smaller air resistance in the puff and reminds more of the feeling of a regular breath. DLI models also evaporate considerably more liquid and are therefore suitable for use with e-juices that have a lower nicotine content. So when you are going to choose which e-cig start package you are going to invest in, it is therefore primarily what kind of feeling or effect you want out of the electric cigarette that you should consider. How do you want your puffs to feel?

More about MTL vaping

Mouth-to-lung means that you primarily breath in the vapors in your mouth and then inhale to the lungs. To be able to use this technology, an MTL vape unit is built in low wattage, has a smaller air flow (ie a higher air resistance) and uses coils around 1.0 ohm or higher. In this way, MTL vaping fits those who prefers chain wrapping, as a smaller amount of vapor actually hits the lungs. It becomes especially noticeable if you use a vape juice with nicotine. Also, MTL vaping means a better flavor sensation, since much of the vapor is retained in the mouth before it is inhaled. Thus, one feels more of the flavor than what one does when using other vaping methods. Something that may be worth knowing is that the MTL technology can also be used for sub-ohm vape units, ie vapes manufactured to fit the DLI technology, but this is not recommended since these units tend to get very hot when using the MTL technique. Here are some points that may be interesting to know about MTL vaping:

  • You save vape liquid – MTL technology is known to be a slow form of vaping with less puffiness and calmer inhalation overall, which means that you dispose of less vape juice than you do when you use other methods of vaping since the liquid evaporates at a slower rate.
  • Lower battery power gives cooler vape – the vape unit you puff from uses a lower wattage from the battery, which means that you do not have to worry about the unit being overheated if, for example, you chain vape.
  • More flavor – The MTL technique allows you to feel the flavor of the fluid more because you keep the vapor in your mouth before inhaling it.
  • Milder inhalation – since you do not inhale directly to the lungs, MTL gives a milder feel to the throat, but also makes this technique suitable for those who prefer higher nicotine strength.

Discrete – MTL vaping is of the more discrete kind, as this method provides relatively little vapor in the exhalation compared to other vaping methods. This allows you to vape without the environment reacting significantly.

More about DLI vaping

Direct-Lung-Inhale vaping is exactly what it sounds like. You draw the steam directly into the lungs in a single puff, in a deep breath. The technique can be likened to smoking hookah and is strongly associated with sub-ohm weaponry. For best results, use a device with higher wattage and more airflow (ie less air resistance). Good to keep in mind if DLI is that it gives a strong effect, which can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming if one is unaccustomed. If you like cloud chasing, which is when you vape so there will be big clouds on the exhale, it is the DLI method you should use. To get the right effect, your vape device needs a mod with an RDA tank or a sub-ohm tank. Your vape juice should have high VG, but low PG and low nicotine content. We recommend that you choose nicotine content at 6 mg or less to better balance the increased intake of steam and the direct lungs. This means that you can avoid the vaping being too intense. Here are some more points that may be interesting to know about DLI vaping:

  • Intensive – DLI is more powerful than, for example, the MTL technique and can give a stronger sense of satisfaction, but for the result to be as good as possible you should choose little or no nicotine at all in the vape liquid you use.
  • Big Clouds – If you like to produce big white clouds of vapors, it is the DLI technology that is the right choice, but be sure to respect your surroundings and vape only in places where your vape clouds do not interfere or provoke anyone else.
  • Invisible Vaping – DLI units have become popular for what you call Stealth Vaping, which is when you inhale and hold the steam for a few seconds so that it dissipates before breathing out. To succeed with Stealth vaping, you need to have a low ohm coil and the vape method fits well when you want to hide that you are vaping for your surroundings.
  • Fast puffs – something that is important to keep in mind is to draw quick puffs so that your vape will not get too hot when vaping and also avoid chain vaping.
  • Overwhelming – DLI hits directly into the lungs and therefore you should be careful to adjust PG and nicotine levels to avoid being overwhelmed by the intensity, best results are obtained when the weapon fluid has high VG and both low PG and low nicotine content or is completely nicotine free.
  • Nothing for beginners – DLI vaping requires a lot of technology and therefore these units is not recommended for beginners.

Different variants of e-cig starter kits

Among our e-cig kits and starter kits are both MTL kits and DLI kits from well-known manufacturers and in different models. For example, you can choose to buy an e-cigarette starter kit with either built-in or replaceable batteries, both of which have different advantages. An e-cig with built-in batteries is compact in its design and appearance and has a long battery time in relation to its size and is charged smoothly with a USB cable. If you choose a kit with replaceable batteries, you do not have to wait for the e-cig to be recharged for you to vape, instead you can switch to an already charged battery as soon as it feels like the current is starting to lose power, and the discharged battery can then br recharged again. Another advantage of this type of e-cig starter kit is that you just need to replace the battery when it finally is weared out after a large number of recharges, instead of your entire e-cig mod. As long as you have an extra set of pre-charged batteries and an external charger, you don’t have to worry about going without your vape.

More about e-cig starter kits

When choosing which e-cig starter kit suits you, the advice is to consider what you want to get out of your vape. If you want to inhale puffs calm and have good conditions for raising or lowering the nicotine content in your e-juice liquid, MTL units can be something to focus on. However, if you want to create large clouds and vape completely without, or with very low nicotine content, the DLI units are preferred. However, these vape kits are not the only models we offer. There are both simpler and more complex units in varying watts, with temperature control and with simple display or even touch display. You will also find Pod-systems, which are smaller models that are easy to use and suitable for, for example, Stealth vaping. If you are a beginner, the tip is to start looking at our vape kits that are available under the “Standard Kits”, where we have collected simpler units that are suitable for the beginner.

We also offer kits adapted for vape professionals and these are in the form of mechanical mech kits. Good to know is that these vapes have no safety functions, lack a display and have direct contact with the battery. We therefore only recommend these units to you who have longer experience in the field of vaping and have a good knowledge of the ecigaret structure and various components. There are also other types of advanced kits such as Squonk kits that have a built-in juice bottle where you can pump up ejuice gradually.

Quality and safety

We only sell e-cig starter kits from large and well-known manufacturers. Our goal is to always have the latest and best models, therefore we constantly expand our range. When shopping from PremiumVape, you can be sure that you will receive a quality product with associated code in order to verify the authenticity of the manufacturer. From us you always buy a vaping product that you can trust.

The contents of our starter kits

Detailed descriptions of what each e-cig start kit contains can be read in their product descriptions. Here you can also see what is included in the starter kit and get an additional description about the unit’s properties and effect. You are of course always welcome to contact us if you have further questions or would like help choosing the right kit for your vaping.