Sony VTC5A INR18650 25A 2600mAh

89 kr  

Sony VTC5A offers the same capacity as VTC5 with higher power and less voltage drop, ensuring longer life and optimal performance for power-intensive mods.


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Sony VTC5A has the same capacity as VTC5 and can simultaneously provide more power than VTC4 with a smaller voltage drop at high current discharge. The large capacity gives longer battery life, which means that it needs to be recharged less frequently which give the battery a better life span. VTC5A is the obvious choice for mods that require a lot of power from the batteries and mechanical mods when you want more power or better security.

Features Sony VTC5A:

  • 18650
  • INR (safe chemistry)
  • 2600mAh
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
  • 25A Max Continuous Discharge (25A verified from tests by Mooch)
  • 35A Max Continuous Discharge with 80°C Temperature Protection (Sony’s specifications)
  • Flat Top

Documentation (pdf)

Mooch’s test of VTC5A