Vaporesso GEN PT60 Kit with xTANK POD (2500mAh, 60W, 4.5ml)

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The Vaporesso GEN PT60 kit combines COREX flavor technology and morph-mesh coils for enhanced taste and fast heating. It features adjustable power (5-60W), a 2500mAh battery, Smart Mode for optimal settings, and a 0.91″ OLED screen. The xTank pod supports all GTX coils, offering MTL and DL vaping, adjustable airflow, top filling, and SSS leak-proof technology for a versatile vaping experience.


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The Vaporesso GEN PT60 kit prioritizes flavor with a blend of Vaporesso’s innovative COREX flavor-enhancing technology and morph-mesh design coils with cumulus cotton filling, ensuring fast, even heating and rich flavor. The lightweight pod mod can output between 5 – 60W of adjustable power and is powered by a 2500mAh battery for prolonged use. The Smart Mode feature simplifies operation by eliminating the guesswork in setting the correct power level. In Smart Mode, the device automatically recognizes the coil’s resistance and adjusts the wattage accordingly for optimal performance. Device data and settings can be viewed and managed via the GEN PT60’s 0.91″ OLED color screen.

The included Vaporesso xTank pod is compatible with the entire GTX coil range, offering users the choice between mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-lung (DL) vaping styles. (See more on these vaping styles in the FAQs below.) Further customize your vape with the tank’s adjustable airflow ring for a more airy or restricted draw. The xTank pod features convenient top filling, a robust quadra leak-proof design, and SSS leak-proof technology to prevent spills and mess. (See more on SSS technology in the FAQs below.)


1× GEN PT60 Mod
1× xTANK POD (4.5ml)
1× GTX 0.2Ω MESH Coil (45-60W)
1× GTX 0.4Ω MESH Coil (26-32W)
1× USB-C Cable
1× Manual

Features of the Vaporesso GEN PT60 Kit:

Dimensions: 112 x 35 x 28 mm
Wattage: 5-60W
0.91″ OLED display
Built-in 2500mAh battery
Various protection features
Volume: 4.5ml
Top filling
Adjustable airflow

Recommended Power Settings

0.2Ω GTX coil: 45 – 60W
0.4Ω GTX coil: 26 – 32W

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vaporesso GEN PT60 Kit

What type of e-juice is recommended for the Vaporesso GEN PT60 kit?

For optimal use with the included coils, the GEN PT60 is best used with e-juices that have a high VG content, specifically with a VG:PG ratio of around 70:30 or higher.

Is it safe to charge the Vaporesso GEN PT60 overnight?

It is best to avoid leaving lithium batteries charging unattended and always use an appropriate charger to reduce the risk of damage.

What does SSS technology mean?

The SSS technology, standing for “Seal comprehensively, Saturate properly, Store safely,” is a technology designed to prevent e-juice leakage from the pod by ensuring comprehensive sealing, proper saturation, and safe storage.

How do I clean a Vaporesso xTank pod?

To clean your xTank pod, start by detaching the pod from the device and removing the coil. Then empty any remaining e-juice, rinse the pod thoroughly with warm water (not boiling), and ensure it is completely dry before reusing. Also, gently clean the connections with cotton to remove dust.

How long does a GTX coil last?

The lifespan of GTX coils varies depending on usage intensity, type of e-juice, and set power. Coils used at higher power tend to have a shorter lifespan than those used at lower power. The lifespan can be extended by:

– Priming the coil before use.
– Choosing e-juices with suitable VG:PG ratios.
– Not exceeding the recommended power level.
– Continuously refilling the tank to prevent the coil from drying out.

With proper maintenance, the included coils should last at least several days before needing replacement.

What’s the difference between mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-lung (DL) vaping?

MTL vaping involves drawing vapor into the mouth and then inhaling it into the lungs, while DL vaping involves inhaling vapor directly into the lungs in one continuous motion.

Compatible e-liquids and coils for GEN PT60

The GEN PT60 is compatible with GTX coils and supports the use of both high VG e-juices and 50:50 VG:PG e-juices.

– For high VG e-juice: Use 0.2Ω, 0.4Ω (included), or 0.3Ω GTX coils (not included).
– For 50:50 e-juice: Use 0.6Ω, 0.8Ω, or 1.2Ω GTX coils (not included).

Who is the Vaporesso GEN PT60 for?

The Vaporesso GEN PT60 is ideal for vapers with some experience looking for a versatile pod mod suited to various vaping styles.

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