About us

PremiumVape opened its webshop in 2014 with the ambition to offer quality vape products at great prices in an easy navigated webshop. We who run the store are Patrick and André, we were both smokers who found e-cigarettes as a substitute for regular cigarettes, which was the start of our business.

The most important thing for us in our business has always been the quest for high customer satisfaction and available support, something that we value highly in cases where we ourselves are customers. This includes, of course, you have a two weeks open purchase and a generous guarantee in comparison to many other vape shops.

As a Swedish, Norwegian or German customer, you can shop safely in our shop with card, bank ID payment or free invoice via Klarna. For other countries, we offer payment via PayPal, which is the world’s largest payment platform. We ship the vast majority of packages via Postnord, but also offer traceable deliveries with DHL in Sweden.

We of course send all products from our own warehouse in Sweden and we only sell genuine products in cooperation with the largest suppliers of e-cigarettes and e-juice.

What regulations do we need to follow

From 1 January 2018, TPD was introduced in Sweden. TPD is an abbreviation of the Tobacco Product Directive, which is a regulation of sales and marketing of e-cigarettes and other tobacco products. The purpose of TPD was, among other things, to provide consumers with safer products to reduce negative health effects, as well as to inform about the risks involved in the use of the respective products.

The TPD was partly open to interpretation and each country in the EU could choose to implement this to a different extent. For Sweden, it meant, among other things, limiting the maximum size of the 10 ml nicotine-containing e-liquid bottle and the maximum nicotine strength to 20 mg / ml, in order to reduce the consumption of nicotine to the user, thereby reducing its negative health effects .

For us as an online store, the regulations meant that we should not make any claims that e-cigarettes are less harmful to health or can be used as a way to quit with regular cigarettes. In general, we do not publish any selling texts that may encourage the purchase of e-cigarettes and nicotine-containing e-juice, which means that we may not offer any discounts on these products. In physical stores, the regulations are a bit less hard and e-cigarettes are often marketed as a “stop smoking option”.

Many other countries have different approaches to e-cigarettes and its impact on public health. On the Canadian Government’s website you can read: “Vaping (e-cigarettes) is less harmful than smoking. Many of the toxic and carcinogenic substances in tobacco and tobacco smoke are formed when tobacco is burned. “On the American Cancer Society website, you can read:” Based on current available research, the use of e-cigarettes is less harmful than smoking cigarettes, but The health effects of long-term use are unknown. “We can neither verify or dementiate this information, but it may be of interest to know what  position different countries have on these issues.