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Here you will find a wide range of vape products and e-juice for both beginners and experts. Everything we sell is sent directly from our warehouse in Sweden. Orders placed before 16:00 on weekdays will ship the same day and normally arrive within Sweden the day after.

High level of service and customer satisfaction has been the base of our business since we opened in 2014. We are certified by Nordisk E-handelscertifiering so you can feel safe when you shop from us. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help you!

Why should you buy e-cigarettes at PremiumVape?

There are many reasons to choose us, and here are some quick arguments to keep in mind:

  • PremiumVape always has the latest models to choose from with a large selection with something for everyone.
  • We deliver quickly, if you order before 16:00 we will send the item the same day.
  • You can always count on an accessible, friendly and professional customer service.
  • You always get low prices with good conditions in our vape shop.
  • Buy your vape from us and you will always get a genuine product.

How e-cigarettes work

An e-cigarette consists of three parts: Clearomizer, Coil and a battery part called Mod. The Clearomizer consists of a Tank and in this you fill the e-liquid which is the liquid that vaporizes and gives you “smoke” when you puff on your e-cig. In the center of the the tank there is a coil with cotton which is kept moist by sucking up small amounts of e-liquid from the tank. The coil gets hot when it gets power from the battery and this is what vaporizes the liquid from the cotton and thus allows you to take a puff.

A common question we often get is why e-cigs are the size they are and why they are not smaller. Many people think of the very first e-cigarettes that came on the market, the so-called Cig-a-like variants of e-cigs, when they think of what an e-cig is. These were made to look like regular cigarettes, both in appearance and size, but this meant that they did not perform as well as the users wanted, neither when it came to battery life or the vapor amount. Therefore the e-cigs today is somewhat different and is available in a number of different sizes to be able to satisfy different needs of users. Along the development of e-cigarettes, the models have taken different directions both in terms of appearance and performance. The two most common models today are “Box” and “Tube”, which gotten their names from their shape. The box models are more square in appearance and are usually the most powerful and advanced variants. The tube models are instead tube-shaped, smaller in size and very easy to use.

Popular variants of e-cigs on the market

E-cigarettes are available all over the world and there are a number of different varieties and models to choose from. These are the most popular:

Vape pen – is a variant of e-cig that is larger and more powerful than a Cigalike. They also have a longer lasting battery and can be available as pre-filled with e-liquid or be variants where you can refill e-liquid.

Pod mod / Pod vape – just like the Cigalike, these are usually small and light in their construction, but do not look at all like a cigarette in their appearance. They are created to be the ultimate portable e-cig with small containers, so-called pods, in which the e-liquid is filled.

Vape kits there are a number of different starter kits for those who want to test e-cigs and these come in all possible shapes and sizes, but what all of them has in common is that they contain everything you need to get started. Vape kits do not contain e-liquid which you buy separately in the flavor and variant of your choice. Contact us at PremiumVape if you want help to find the right starter kit for you.

What is vaping?

Vaping is popular all over the world, but originated in China where the first model was invented by the pharmacist Hon Lik. He produced a product which enabled one to smoke without having to use tobacco. The product was named Ruyan, which in Chinese means “like smoke”. But this was in 2003, a full three years before the e-cig as a product came to Europe and the rest of the world. Today, e-cig development has progressed at a furious pace and as mentioned earlier, there are a lot of different variants and models to choose from. But then what is vaping?

Vaping, or “vape”, is when you inhale vapor produced by an e-cig or a vaporizer. These are portable devices that are powered by a battery with the intention of vaporizing special e-liquid, e-juice. The liquid is a mixture between propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) together with water-based flavorings and possibly nicotine, which is optional for the e-cig user. In short: vaping is what you do when you smoke from an e-cig.

Who gets to vape?

By Swedish law, you must be 18 years old both to buy vape and use e-cigarettes, and it is illegal to buy to minors, which applies to both e-liquid and the electronic cigarette itself.

E-cigs – pros and cons

To claim that e-cig is a better alternative than anything else is difficult without backing it up with thorough studies and scientific tests. But of course there are both pros and cons with vaping in general.

Benefits of e-cigs & vaping

The smell – The vapor from e-cigarettes and vapes emits a smell, which scent depends on which e-liquid you smoke, but this disappears quickly and does not settle in furnitures and clothes. With that said, if you’re in public space it can be good to show your fellow people respect, because even if you think that your vapors smells like sunshine, it does not mean that everyone else agrees.

Control over costs – An advantage many people experience is that vaping does not become a significant cost in the long run. Admittedly, the cost of an e-cigarette device depending on which model you choose to buy as there are both more expensive and cheaper variants. Keep in mind that this purchase is usually only a one-time cost because it is rather the e-liquids, and not the device itself, that you need to buy more of over time. Depending on which e-liquids you choose, you can then regulate how much or how little you spend on your vaping.

Taste variation – The e-liquid that you vape in an e-cig is available in a number of different flavors and combinations from lots of different manufacturers, it makes it easy to vary the flavor and vape experience according to mood and feeling. In addition, it is easy to change the flavor in the e-cigarette by cleaning the tank and wiping out the old liquid and then refilling with a new one in another taste. Just keep in mind that if you do not change your coil when changing flavor, the first puffs will have some taste left from the previous liquid.

Nicotine regulation – Vaping can be done with or without nicotine in the e-liquid as the nicotine can also be added separately, which means that you can control the nicotine content yourself.

Disadvantages of e-cig & vaping

Dry mouth – A common disadvantage of vaping is that the vapor can make you experience a dry mouth, this you can luckily regulate yourself by drinking extra water.

Dizziness & Headache – When you vape and have nicotine in your e-liquid, a disadvantage is that you may have headaches and dizziness. If this happens, it is important to take a break from vaping and instead take a few deep breaths until this type of sensation disappears. If dizziness in connection with vaping occurs frequently, it is recommended that you review how much you are vaping, reduce the nicotine content or that you stop vaping altogether.

Allergy – If you are allergic to nuts, fruit or any other food allergy, you should avoid flavored e-liquids. Some e-liquids are produced in a way where the flavor is naturally derived from the real product, e-liquids with a nutty taste can in other words contain traces of nuts, as an example. Likewise, some may have a sensitive to PG or VG, both of which are usually found in e-liquids. If you are, it is recommended to identify which of these you are sensitive to and then choose a e-liquid that contains minimal of this.

Care & security

One thing that is important to keep in mind when vaping is to take good care of your vape. You need to handle your vape with care and follow the instructions that come with when you buy your product regarding, for example, charging and other things. For example, it can be good to know that a rechargeable battery for an e-cig works in the same way as any other battery: it doesn’t last for an infinite number of charges, it should be stored cool and needs to be replaced sometimes. Another important thing about rechargeable batteries is that if they will not be used for a while they should be stored semi-charged, that is: the battery should neither be fully discharged or fully charged.

A used battery for an e-cigarette is discarded in the same way as a regular battery at the recycling station.