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We at PremiumVape would like to believe that in the future, the old expression “no smoke without fire” will be replaced with “no vapor without a vaporizer”. Because that is the case with e cig’s. If an e-cigarette is to work then special parts is needed to turn the e-juice into vapor, and that is exactly what happens in the atomizer.

On this page you will find tanks for all kinds of e-cigarettes. These are needed for you to be able to puff on your e-cig. So what is an tank? Simply explained, it is the container you fill with e-juice. In this container there is also a Coil and it is through this coil that the liquid is sucked up before it is then vaporizes.

Our tanks

Different types of tanks is used depending on which electric cigarette you use. There are two different variants to choose from: Clearomizers and Atomizer. The most common variant is Clearomizers which have glass tank and uses ready-made Coil. Atomizers has an RBA function where you build your own Coils. What may be interesting to know is that some clearomizers models are of the type RTA. These are a combination of both Cleromizer and Atomizer. Mazy? It’s actually easier than you think. We’ll guide you right, and if anything is unclear we’d be happy to hear from you to answer your questions!

How to choose tank for e-cig’s

Sure, we understand that all this with different tanks and models here and there can be confusing. But really it’s pretty simple, and you can always get personal help from us at PremiumVape to choose the right one for your e-cig model.

E-cigarettes are usually adapted to work for different types of vape users. The models available on the market are usually either Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) or Direct-Lung-Inhale (DLI). The main difference being that they have different air resistance. Think about this: how do you want the puff from your e-cig to be? If you want a puff with air resistance similar to a regular cigarette, it is recommended that you choose an MTL.

If you want to have looser puffs instead, you should invest in a DLI. What primarily determines the feeling of these models is the coil it uses. A DLI uses coils that have larger air passages and are run at higher wattage which means it vaporizes more e-juice. This fits perfectly with the larger air flow so that the flavor will not be diluted. There are also vaporizers compatible with different coils. Suitable for both MTL and DLI depending on the type of coil you install.

What is the difference between atomizers and clearomizers?

Keeping track of the terminology when it comes to vaping is not the easiest, especially if you are a beginner. What can also be confusing is that the importance of the different concepts has changed over time. What once defined an atomizer is no longer accurate, and that means that many of us refer to the same thing but with different names. The same applies of course to clearomizer. Both are variants of vaporizers for e-cig’s. We will try to make the whole thing a little clearer. Below we describe what an atomizer and a clearomizer are and explain how they are used. Come along!

This is an atomizer vaporizer for e-cig’s

If we look up the meaning of , it basically means a device that makes water, perfume or other types of liquids turn into a fine spray. But if we talk about vaping, the word gets a new meaning whose meaning has also changed a lot over the years. When atomizer as a concept began to be used in vaping, it was mainly aimed at the vaporization of the e-juice and thus the coil in the tank. Then the term went on to describe the whole tank as a single part consisting of coil, wick, coils and liquid container in one. This in turn meant that both rebuildables, clearomizers and cartomizers had to go under the collective name “atomizers”. It was somewhat misleading because these are tanks with some distinct differences. What the word “atomizer” actually means has therefore been given another new definition.

When the term atomizer is used today, one specifically refers to the vaporizer you use when building your own coils. Atomizer is thus still a collective name, but only for RBA vaporizers, ie ReBuildable Atomizers, such as RDA, RTA and RDTA. Commonly they are vaporizers you construct with self-built coils.

This is a clearomizer tank for e-cig’s

Clearomizers are the most popular and thus the most widely used vaporizers for vaping. The word clearomizer itself comes from a composition of the words “clear” and “atomizer”. This means that you are talking about a transparent tank. This kind of tank is clear and made of glass or plastic. In the tank there is a replaceable coil head which is screwed into the bottom of the tank. There is also often a chimney that connects the top of the coil with the nozzle.

What is characteristic of a clearomizer is that it uses ready-made coils that can easily be replaced. The advantage of this kind of tank is that many have a so-called 510 connection. This allows the tank to be combined with a variety of vape mods and can be used as part of a vape kit.

How to use atomizers and clearomizers

The next thing you need to know about both atomizers and clearomizers is how they are designed so that you can use them properly. As stated above, both tank variants are different types of vaporizers for e-cig. Both have different properties and work together with different types of mods and coils. Therefore, it is also important to know the basics of how the different variants are structured. Here are some simple things you need to know about.

How to use an atomizer

Modern atomizers that are used today are all designed in a similar way, therefore they are also operated almost in the same way. What you need when using this type of tank is simple tools, wire or pre-made coils and wick (usually made of organic cotton). So for your atomizer to work, you need to build the coil first. How to build a coil step by step we have a guide on the Coils page.

If you use an RDA it is good to wet the cotton repeatedly when you notice that it starts to dry. If it is an RTA, fill up the tank and you will not leave it empty to prevent the cotton from becoming dry. If you have a RDTA, you can do it in both ways.

Good to keep in mind is that atomizers basically work the same when all parts they consist of are assembled. Some atomizers are easier to use than others but are still the most demanding of the vape tanks. With the advantage of a customized vape experience.

How to use a clearomizer

If you know the basics of vaping then a clearomizer is very easy to use. In a clearomizer the coil head is replaceable. Before filling the tank with e-juice, the first step is to soak the cotton in the coil by dripping some e-juice on top of it. Wait a minute so that the liquid is properly absorbed, then screw the coil into the tank. Mount the remaining parts of your vape and fill the tank with e-liquid. If you have a clearomizer that is part of a vape kit without adjustable wattage, make sure the coil’s cotton is properly saturated with the liquid before vaping.

If you use a vape where you can regulate the watt, the tip is to start low and increasing step by step. Then you can avoid the experience of a so-called “dry hit” (when the coil heats with dry cotton and tastes burnt). If you feel that your vape seems to be dry, try lower the wattage. Never exceed the coil’s recommended watt strength as this will most definitely result in nasty dry hits.

Good to know about clearomizer tanks is that these are easier to handle than atomizers. This has made this model the most common e-cig vaporizer on the market. Modern clearomizers are also so developed nowadays that they combine this simplicity with good vape experience. This without involving complicated coil building. This is why these tanks remain popular among experienced users and beginners.