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Showing all 31 results

Our goal is to always be able to offer the market’s latest models of mods, which is why we constantly add new models to our stock.

An e-cigarette would not work without a mod, because it is its battery part and the part you hold when you vape. Mods are fully customizable and created for the purpose of powering a e-cig tank so you can take vape from it. When you shop for mods it is good to know that there is not just one variant of mods to choose from, there are mods in all kinds of sizes and looks, all with different benefits.

  • Box Mods: Sometimes also called APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) is generally the most powerful mods on the market. They usually have a display and more technically advanced features such as Variable Watt & Temperature Control. Many of the models also have replaceable e-cig batteries.
  • Tube Mods: As the name suggests, they are cylindrical and usually have a built-in battery that gives them a compact size. Usually lacks both display and advanced settings which makes them easy to manage and use.
  • Mech Mods: Are perhaps the simplest mods on the market as they are completely mechanical without display and settings and have a replaceable e-cigarette battery. However, this type of mechanical mod is recommended mainly for experienced vape users or professionals, and not for beginners.

Mods & Batteries

The interest in vaping extends further and further among professionals and beginners, which makes it increasingly important to know how to handle these devices most safely – especially when it comes to battery and battery safety. The first thing you should know about mods is that these can have built-in or replaceable batteries and no matter what kind of mod you use, thinking about battery safety is important.

The safety tips below apply to all types of batteries, regardless of whether they are built-in, replaceable or used in mechanical mods. The sectioning is only there to make the tips for specific mods more clear.

Regulated mods with built-in or replaceable batteries

Regulated mods are popular with both beginners and experienced vape users, which is not so strange as these mods give you easy adjustment of watts, meaning the voltage sent to the coil is regulated so no matter what resistance level (ohm) is used the set wattage is what the coil will use. In addition, these are equipped with a number of safety features preventing short circuits of the battery, overheating and more. But with that said, it should be remembered that this device is still electric, and therefore it should be handled properly to be safe to use.

Regulated mods use either standard size replaceable batteries or built-in batteries that can be charged via a USB cable. If you use one with a built-in battery, it is good to know that batteries cannot handle any number of charges, and when you notice a poorer charging capacity, it is important that you replace your entire mod. However, the life of these batteries is quite long and the most common is that they last up to 3 years, provided you take proper care of your mod. Should you drop the mod on a hard surface, there is a risk that the built-in battery will be damaged, so if you want to take the safe before the unsafe, replace the mod if this happens.

If you use replaceable batteries in the mod, you do not need to replace your entire mod when the battery gives up, it is enough to insert a new battery. But there are safety aspects to consider with these as well.

Battery safety for regulated mods with built-in batteries:

  • Use coils with the right ohm – Read the product description for your mod to see within which the ohm coil must be and stay within these values.
  • Keep the mod safe – Never leave a mod leaning against flammable materials, such as a pillow, whether you are charging it or not. Also avoid leaving your mod in direct sunlight as this may cause the battery to heat up to a dangerous level.
  • Use the right charging cable – A rule of thumb when it comes to all types of technology is to use original chargers, and the same goes for vape and mods.
  • Do not allow the battery to overcharge – Most modern mods stop charging when the battery is fully charged, but sometimes it can go bad anyway. Therefore, it is best not to leave the mod on charging overnight, and only charge when you can keep an eye on it yourself.
  • Recycle the battery – Just like any battery, mods should be submitted for recycling when the battery dies, you should definitely not throw it away in the regular garbage bin.

Battery safety for regulated mods with replaceable batteries:

  • Check how your mod charges – Some Box Mods with replaceable batteries can be charged with a USB cable, but other mods have their USB port only to perform hardware updates, which means you must remove the battery and charge it in an external battery charger.
  • Use the right kind of batteries – Be sure to always check which batteries to use in your mod. Even if it can handle several different types of batteries, always use the same type of batteries if you have more than one battery in your mod at the same time.
  • Get a battery holder for extra batteries – Having to change the battery can be done anytime, anywhere, so it’s good to always have extra batteries with you if you do not just inserted a new one. But make sure you never carry loose batteries in your pocket or bag, keep them in a proper container. Loose batteries can leak or be short-circuited by, for example, the keychain and, in the worst case, explode.
  • Charge your batteries safely – If you use rechargeable batteries, it is best to charge them in an external battery charger. Optimally, leave the batteries in the charger until they are fully charged and when they are fully charged, remove them from the charger.
  • Choose high quality batteries – There are a number of different battery manufacturers to choose batteries from, make sure to always choose high quality models over the very cheapest variants. Always choose batteries from well-known brands to stay on the safe side.

Mech Mods and Batteries

As mentioned several times before, mechanical mods – Mech Mods – are recommended for professionals and not for beginners, these lack the security features that regulated mods have. All current from the battery goes directly to your coil and when the battery power decreases, so does the voltage received by the coil. The only way to affect the wattage in a mech mod is to use coils with different resistance.

Regarding battery safety for mechanical mods, the most important thing is to understand ohm’s law which describes the relationship between electrical voltage, current and resistance. The law itself is about the battery’s ability to release the energy stored inside it and when a battery is pushed to hard it can become like a short circuit and the risk is that dangerous chemicals leak out of the battery or that it even explodes if you use unsafe batteries (we recommend to always use INR batteries to minimize this risk). It is therefore important to check the resistance in your coil and calculate how much current the coils will draw out of the battery and make sure that the battery you use can handle it.

Battery safety for mechanical mods:

  • Make sure that the air holes in the mod work – In mechanical mods it is important that the air holes work as they should because they release the gases if the battery inside would overheat or otherwise leak and prevents an overpressure from forming. You can test the holes by removing the battery and blowing lightly into the mod to see that the airflow is as it should be.
  • Keep track of your batteries – It is important that you use good batteries when using mechanical mods and be sure to check the voltage in the battery frequently. If you store rechargeable batteries, they should have a resting voltage that is just below 3.7V.
  • Be careful when building coils – It is important to check the coil resistance with an ohm meter before using them on your mechanical mod. If you have a short circuit, you risk damaging the battery.

The mod button should have a lock – When you vape on a regular mod they usually have a button with a lock function that prevents accidental misfires, for example when you have your vape in your pocket or in the bag and pushes the button by mistake. Make sure that your mechanical mod is also equipped with this safety function to prevent the battery from overheating.