Grape (concentrate) by Capella (20/50/100ml)

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Grape is a high-quality, water-soluble flavor essence from Capella, designed for mixing with base liquids to make your own e-juice. We carefully pour essences from Capella’s large bottles into smaller ones, which we then label with our own brand.

The essence contains Natural & Artificial Flavors and Propylene Glycol, which the manufacturer uses to dissolve the flavors well.

Features of Capella:

No fats, calories, or sweeteners.
Free from preservatives and stabilizers.
Does not contain peanuts or corn.
Gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

About Capella:
Capella, a well-known American brand, started in 2008 in San Diego by Tom McMahon. They first specialized in making flavors for coffee and tea. Capella stands out because their products have no fat, calories, or sweeteners. This makes them unique in the market.

Capella’s flavors are popular for various uses, like baking, cooking, making protein drinks, and other food creations.

Besides this, Capella has become a big name in the e-liquid industry. Their flavors are used widely by both big e-liquid makers and individual customers to make high-quality e-liquids. Capella’s wide use and flexibility in their products show their commitment to being creative and maintaining quality in their field.

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