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Capella Flavors was founded in 2008 in Tom McMahon’s garage in San Diego. Tom started the company alongside his regular work and the vision was to produce high quality concentrates to enhance the flavors of coffee and tea. But soon more flavors were developed for use in the food and beverage industry.

At the start there were only 6 flavors but the ambition was to become one of the biggest companies on the market. 2013 was an important year for Capella’s growth when they partnered with Joey Allen, owner of Allen Flavors. Joey contributed his expertise from many years in the industry and also had the infrastructure Capella needed to grow further.

Capella is the first company to develop flavors that contain no sweeteners, natural or artificial.

Capella flavors are water soluble, highly concentrated and versatile flavor concentrates. Over the years they have become very popular for making e-liquids, big e-liquid producers use their flavors but also the regular DIY vapers.

The beauty of the Capella flavors is that they are easy to adjust to the specific strength you want and that they do not contain preservatives or stabilizers.

Make your own very special e-liquid with the flavors from Capella or maybe make your coffee more flavorful? The variations in flavors are large and only the imagination sets limits.

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After many years in the industry, we have high customer satisfaction and extensive experience in e-cigarettes and DIY.

For questions about DIY or about e-cigarettes in general, it is always good to contact us on our support email, we always respond within 24 hours.