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Seriously Fruity

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Showing all 5 results

Explore Seriously Fruity – A Fruity Vaping Adventure from DoozyVape

Introduction to DoozyVape and their new serie

DoozyVape, established in 2015 by passionate vaping enthusiasts, has emerged as a prominent player in the e-juice industry. Known for their innovative and award-winning creations, they have established a global presence. Seriously Fruity, one of their most popular series, stands out with its unique focus on fruity flavors.

An Explosion of Fruity Flavors

The series reveals its focus on fruity experiences right in its name. With five different flavors, the series is a celebration for fruit lovers. Rather than simple fruit flavors, each e-juice offers a complex and exciting fruit blend. Examples of these creative combinations include Mango Orange and Strawberry Kiwi, making them a must-try for anyone who appreciates fruity vape flavors.

Packaging and Nicotine Options

Each e-juice in the  series comes in a generous 100ml bottle within a 120ml space, providing room for two nic shots. This allows users to customize the nicotine strength to a desired 3mg. For those who prefer a nicotine-free experience, there’s the option to simply add base liquid.

Optimal VG/PG Ratio for Subohm Vaping

With a VG/PG ratio of 70/30, its perfectly suited for subohm vaping. This balance ensures not only a rich production of vapor but also an intense and enjoyable flavor. This makes the series ideal for both experienced vapers and beginners looking for a quality, flavor-rich vaping experience.

Summary: Why Choose Seriously Fruity?

In conclusion, they offers a unique and satisfying vaping experience. With its innovative blend of fruit flavors, flexible nicotine options, and optimal VG/PG balance, this series is an excellent choice for both seasoned and new vapers. Discover a world of rich, fruity flavors  – where quality and taste meet in every puff.