Blue Razz Berry by Seriously Fruity (100ml Zero Nicotine Shortfill)

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“Blue Razz Berry E-Liquid by Seriously Fruity 100ml is a mouth watering mixture of blue raspberries with a fruity twist. With a bittersweet blueberry inhale combined with a juicy raspberry exhale this juice is easily the must have juice for you fruit lovers.”

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VG content: 70 %
E-liquid quantity: 100 ml
Bottle volume: 120 ml

Discover Seriously Fruity from DoozyVape, a fruity vaping adventure that stands out in the e-juice industry. Since its inception in 2015, DoozyVape, founded by passionate vaping enthusiasts, has established itself as a leading manufacturer of innovative and award-winning e-juices. With a global presence, they offer a unique taste experience, and Seriously Fruity is one of their most popular series, specially crafted for fruit lovers.

The Seriously Fruity series offers an explosion of fruity flavors. With five varied and complex fruit blends, like Mango Orange and Strawberry Kiwi, the series caters to everyone who appreciates rich and nuanced fruit aromas in their vaping. Each flavor in the series is carefully designed to provide a unique and enjoyable vaping experience.

Each bottle in the Seriously Fruity series is generously sized at 100ml and comes in a 120ml bottle, providing space for two nic shots. This flexible system allows users to adjust the nicotine strength according to their needs, with the possibility of reaching up to 3mg of nicotine. Alternatively, users can opt for a completely nicotine-free experience by simply adding base liquid.

The VG/PG ratio of 70/30 in Seriously Fruity makes it ideal for subohm vaping. This balance ensures a rich vapor production while maintaining an intense and satisfying flavor profile. This makes Seriously Fruity an excellent choice for both experienced vapers and those new to vaping.

Shortfills is somewhat concentrated e-liquid delivered in not completely filled bottles with space for adding one or more nic shots.

With Blue Razz Berry you can add two 10ml nic shot 20mg/ml to get an e-liquid with a total nicotine strength of 3.3mg/ml.

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