Vaporesso Target 200 Kit with iTank 2 (220W, 8ml)


The Vaporesso Target 200 takes dual-battery kits to a new level with its compact design, which is 16% smaller than its predecessors. It offers robustness with its water-resistant surface and increased comfort. Equipped with the upgraded iTank 2, which includes an improved 810 driptip and a newly designed top cap, the Target 200 delivers a superior and efficient vaping experience. Batteries are not included in the kit.


(batteries is not included with the product)

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Vaporesso GTi Coils (5pcs)
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The Vaporesso Target 200 is a masterpiece in the world of vaping, designed to be both lightweight and durable while sitting comfortably in your hand. Its unique design features a cage-like metal frame that not only offers a secure grip but also adds an aesthetic touch to the device. Additionally, the Target 200 is equipped with a water-resistant surface with a textured “braiding”-finish, providing extra protection and an exclusive look.

Capable of delivering an impressive output of 5-220W, the Target 200 is a powerful companion for long and intense vaping sessions. It is equipped with two 18650 batteries (not included) that can be easily and quickly swapped for new, fully charged ones. The USB-C fast charging feature ensures that your batteries are efficiently charged, allowing you to get back into action quickly.

The Target 200 is powered by Vaporesso’s advanced AXON 2.0 chip, opening up a world of customization possibilities. With five different modes – Variable Wattage (VW), Bypass, Pulse Mode, DIY Mode, and the flavor-enhancing F(t) mode – you can tailor your vaping experience to your own preferences. Each mode is designed to provide optimal control and flexibility over your vaping.

To make it easy to manage and monitor your settings, the Target 200 comes with a 0.96-inch TFT screen. The user-friendly interface makes it smooth to navigate between different modes and customize the device’s settings according to your preferences.

ITank 2: A Revolution in Flavor and Vapor Production

The newly included ITank 2 elevates your vaping experience with its groundbreaking Turbo airflow system. This innovative feature with three air intakes at the bottom of the tank allows for complete circulation of air around the coil, resulting in a smooth and flavorful vape experience, accompanied by impressively large clouds of vapor.

With the ITank 2, you have full control over your vaping. The adjustable airflow ring gives you the freedom to fine-tune your experience – from airy and light draws to tighter and more intense pulls. This allows you to customize your vaping experience according to your personal preferences.

The ITank 2 is also designed to be user-friendly. Its push-fit coil installation design simplifies the process of changing coils, making it quick and effortless. Furthermore, the ITank 2 has been upgraded with an 810 driptip and an improved top cap, providing a superior user experience compared to previous models.

In addition to the included tank, the Target 200 mod can be paired with most other vape tanks thanks to its 510 threaded connection, giving you more room to experiment with different coils, vaping styles, and power ranges.

For more information about these modes and how to fully utilize them, see our FAQ section below.

Packing Details:

  • 1× Target 200 Mod
  • 1× iTank (8ml)
  • 1× GTi 0.2Ω MESH Coil (60-75W)
  • 1× GTi 0.4Ω MESH Coil (50-60W)
  • 1× Replacement Glass (8ml)
  • 3× O-Ring
  • 1× USB Type-C Cable
  • 1× User Manual

Features Mod:

  • Size: 142 x 43 x 34 mm
  • Watt: 5-220W
  • 0,96″ TFT display
  • Powered by 2x 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Multiple protection
  • AXON-chip
  • Volume: 8ml
  • Topp Filling, Slide & Fill design
  • Adjustable bottom airflow

Compatible E-Liquids and Coils

The included Vaporesso iTank utilizes GTi coils and is recommended for use with high VG content e-liquids.

Recommended Wattage

  • GTi 0.2Ω mesh coil: 60 – 75W
  • GTi 0.4Ω mesh coil: 50 – 60W

Who is the Vaporesso Target 200 Ideal For?

The Vaporesso Target 200 is an excellent choice for those who find themselves between intermediate and advanced levels of vaping. It is tailor-made for those seeking a customizable Direct-To-Lung experience that delivers not only impressive large clouds of vapor but also superior flavor. If you’re looking for a device that can elevate your vaping to the next level and allows you to fine-tune your experience, then the Target 200 is the perfect choice for you.

Understanding Bypass Mode

The bypass mode on your vape device is an advanced feature that delivers the full power of the battery directly to the coil. When the battery is fully charged, the output power is higher, and as the battery level drops, the output power also decreases. This mode is ideal for those who prefer a more direct and unmodified vaping experience.

Safe Charging of Your Target 200

Is it safe to charge your Target 200 overnight? Considering safety, it’s important to never leave lithium batteries charging unattended. Always use an appropriate charger, especially if you opt for an external charger, to avoid the risk of overcharging.

Cleaning Your Vaporesso iTank 2

Yes, it’s entirely possible to clean your Vaporesso iTank 2. Start by removing the tank from the mod and the coil, then empty out any e-liquid. Gently clean the tank with warm water (ensuring it’s not boiling) and allow it to dry completely before reassembling. Also, consider regularly cleaning the connections with a cotton swab to remove dust and debris.

Coil Lifespan

The lifespan of your coil can vary significantly depending on several factors such as the size of your puffs, the type of e-juice you use, and at what wattage level you vape. Coils with low resistance used at higher wattages tend to have a shorter lifespan than those with high resistance.

To extend the lifespan of your coil, it is recommended to:

  • Properly moisten the coil before first use.
  • Use e-juice with the correct ratio of VG and PG.
  • Do not exceed the recommended wattage level.
  • Ensure that your tank is always sufficiently filled so the coil never dries out.

Typically, the included GTi coils in your Vaporesso should last for several days under normal use before needing replacement.

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