Yami by Koyuki Vapor ‘Soda Sparkles’ (10ml Zero Nicotine Longfill)

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“Soda flavored with sweet honeydew melon, fresh pomegranate, and freshly picked black currants.”

Koyuki Vapor

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Deal Range Discount
Various concentrates 10 - 50 10%


VG content: 50 %
Filled quantity: 10 ml
Bottle volume: 30 ml

Longfills are bottles that are only filled with flavor concentrate, where you have to fill up with nicotine shots and/or base liquid.

In the table below you can see what nicotine strength you get by adding nic shots in your Yami.

Nic shot 10ml Nicotine strength Total quantity
2×20mg/ml 13.3 mg/ml 30 ml
1×10mg/ml + 1×0mg/ml 6.6 mg/ml 30 ml

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