Summer Blaze by IVG (100ml Zero Nicotine Shortfill)

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“Embark on a flavor journey to Sicily with our refreshing lemonade in authentic Sicilian style, enriched with a blend of juicy summer berries.”


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VG content: 70 %
E-liquid quantity: 100 ml
Bottle volume: 120 ml

Shortfills are somewhat concentrated e-liquid delivered in not completely filled bottles where there are space for adding one or more nic shots.

In the table below you see what nicotine strength you get by adding one or two nic shots in your Summer Blaze.

Nic Shot 20mg/ml Nicotine strength Total quantity
1 × 10ml 1.8 mg/ml 110 ml
2 × 10ml 3.3 mg/ml 120 ml