Shiva (concentrate) by A&L Sweet Edition (30ml)

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“A&L Ultimate Aroma Sweet Edition Shiva. Ice Princess, Shiva is a divinely fresh tangy peppermint candy flavor . A perfect fragrance to warm you up this summer. Shiva will transport you to his world of sweetness and freshness!”

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Discover A&L – Innovative E-Juice Concentrates from France

A&L, a leading e-juice brand rooted in France, is renowned for its innovative and sought-after flavors within the vaping world. With a strong market presence, A&L offers a comprehensive range of unique and appealing flavors in the form of concentrates, catering to all taste preferences.

When it comes to concentrates, A&L stands out with an impressive collection of varied flavor combinations. Their Ruyan 4 with coffee flavor is particularly popular among vapers, thanks to its authentic and rich coffee aroma. It is ideal for those seeking a traditional and satisfying vaping experience. Furthermore, A&L’s Sweet Edition series is highly appreciated for its sweet and seductive flavors, providing an enjoyable and memorable experience for those who prefer a sweeter vaping.

In summary, A&L offers a range of high-quality e-juice concentrates that cater to various taste preferences. With 30ml essences ranging from rich coffee tones in Ruyan 4 to the sweet delicacies of Sweet Edition, A&L is the ideal choice for vapers who value quality and versatility in their e-juices. Discover the unique flavor range from A&L on and prepare for an unparalleled vaping experience.

Shiva is a 30ml concentrate that must be mixed with base liquid before use.

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