Koolada (concentrate) by The Flavor Apprentice (20/50/100/250/500ml)

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Koolada is used specifically to give that “cold” feeling at the back of the mouth. It does not really have a ‘taste’, but it can be used in conjunction with menthol.

The Flavor Apprentice

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Koolada is an concentrate from The Flavor Apprentice which is the water-soluble line of flavor concentrates from (The) Perfumers Apprentice and is often referred to as TFA or TPA in recipes. Concentrates are intended to be mixed with base liquid to make your own e-liquid. We tap The Flavor Apprentice concentrates from the manufacturers large bottles to smaller bottles with our own label.Ingredients List:
Natural and artificial flavors, propylene glycol (used by the manufacturer as a base to dissolve the flavors).

For more information about these flavors, please visit the Perfumer’s Apprentice website.

About The Flavor Apprentice

The Perfumer’s Apprentice was founded in 2004 in California, initially focusing on scents for perfume making. In 2009, they expanded their business by launching The Flavor Apprentice, which specializes in flavorings for baking and cooking. As e-cigarettes started to gain worldwide popularity, both manufacturers and consumers began using TFA’s flavors to create e-juices.

Thanks to the purity and concentration of TFA’s flavors, they have become a prominent name in concentrates for e-liquids, and their products are found in countless recipes.

At Premiumvape.se, we are proud to offer almost the entire range of TFA’s flavors to our customers.

Most of TFA’s flavors are highly concentrated, and there is no general standard for how much to mix of each flavor as they vary. Our best advice is to start with a low dosage and increase as needed. For further inspiration and guidelines, feel free to explore DIY websites where users share their mixes and exciting recipes.

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