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Showing all 4 results

Indulge in Milkshake Magic with Shake It: The Ultimate British Brand

Unveiling Shake It, a quintessential British brand that takes the essence of milkshakes to unparalleled heights. As the name suggests, Shake It specializes in crafting e-liquids that capture the sheer delight of milkshakes, offering a delectable vaping experience that resonates with milkshake enthusiasts.

A Symphony of Flavors: Milkshake Perfection

Shake It’s repertoire features four exquisite flavors that mirror the timeless charm of classic milkshakes. Immerse yourself in the lusciousness of vanilla, the sweetness of strawberry, the creaminess of banana, and the richness of chocolate. If you’re a devoted milkshake aficionado, Shake It is an experience that beckons you to savor.

Versatility and Pleasure: Ideal VG Blend for Subohms

Tailored for optimal pleasure, Shake It’s e-liquids boast a 60VG blend, catering to subohm enthusiasts seeking rich flavor and abundant vapor production. Yet, their versatility extends beyond subohms. Compatible with pod systems, a wise choice would be to blend them with nicotine shots or base liquid with a VG content capped at 50VG.

Customizable Enjoyment: Flexibility of Nicotine and VG Content

The ingenious design of their bottles adds an element of personalization to your vaping journey. Encasing 120ml of liquid, each bottle is filled to 100ml, leaving ample space for two nicotine shots or base liquid. This ingenious flexibility empowers you to curate your desired nicotine strength or indulge in the sheer pleasure of nicotine-free vaping.

Shake It: Your Milkshake Haven

Experience milkshake marvels with Shake It’s e-liquids, exclusively available at Discover a curated selection that guarantees swift deliveries and secure payments. Embrace a world where milkshake fantasies come to life, as Shake It and redefine vaping enjoyment with every delightful puff.