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Mt Baker Vapor

Mt Baker Vapor was founded in 2011 by Jessie and James. They started with a few flavors but soon became one of the largest manufacturers of concentrates and e-liquids in the world. The flavors were groundbreaking for their time when e-cigarettes were still a fairly new industry and pure flavors such as tobacco, strawberry, apple etc dominated the range. All of a sudden you could choose mixed flavors that also had a hit of menthol. Flavors such as Hawk Sauce, Thug Juice and forestberry fusion quickly became favorites among users and even today Hawk Sauce is the best-selling product worldwide.

Not only were the flavors different from the rest of the product range on the market, the prices were also low compared to many other manufacturers. You could choose between several different sizes of bottles and if you wanted to mix your own e-liquid, you could just buy the concentrate. It is now common to be able to choose between buying the e-juice or the concentrate, but at the time Mt Baker Vapor was very much alone in offering just that.

In 2016, they also started a European distribution center in Scotland to make it easier for their European customers with fast deliveries and lower shipping costs.

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