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The company behind LiQua is called Ritchy Group and was started back in 2009. LiQua is one of the biggest e-liquid brands and is sold in over 85 countries. Using only the best ingredients and blending simple flavors with more complex ones has been well received by consumers and more than 10 million bottles are sold annually through four distribution centers.

LiQua’s products are adapted to meet the laws and regulations of all different countries, so you can always trust that you are getting a first-class product that maintains high quality.

LiQua’s e-liquids are available in 10ml bottles with nicotine, nicotine-free shortfills and longfills.

The 10ml bottles have 4 different nicotine levels that you can choose from, 3,6,12 and 18mg. The absolute most common nicotine levels are 6 and 12 mg. The e-juices have a VG content of 50% and are excellent for pod systems or other MTL hardware.

The shortfills, or Mix&Go as they are also called, have a higher VG content of 75% and are better suited for hardware that is adapted for DL. The e-juice is delivered in 70ml bottles, but which are only filled to 50ml. This is done so that the consumer himself can add up to 2 nicshots and then get an e-liquid with 6mg of nicotine. Of course, it is also possible to fill it up with VG or PG to get a nicotine-free e-juice.

Longfills are perfect for those who want a little higher nicotine or who want a special VG content. These longfills are 12ml concentrate delivered in a 70ml bottle and you can then fill up the bottle with nicotine shots to be able to get an e-liquid with up to 16mg of nicotine, but it is also fine to only fill up with VG or PG and get a nicotine-free e-juice where you decide your VG content yourself.

The Ritchy Group also has another brand called Aramax. Aramax is a smaller line of liquids where the majority is focused on tobacco flavors. Just like LiQua, the products are adapted for pod systems or other hardware aimed at MTL and have a VG content of 50%.

The nicotine strengths you can choose from are 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18mg.

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We at PremiumVape can proudly say that we have distributed LiQua’s products since the start of our company in 2014. These flavors never go out of date and the high quality means that our customers always choose LiQua’s e-liquids. All orders placed before 16.00 on weekdays are sent the same day from our warehouse in Malmö. We use Billmate as a payment gateway for secure payments, which provides extra security when you buy from us.