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Showing all 49 results

Flavor West Manufacturing LLC: A Flavorful Legacy Since 2012

Established as a family-owned venture in 2012, Flavor West Manufacturing LLC has burgeoned from humble beginnings into a powerhouse within the flavor concentrates arena. Nestled by the shores of Lake Elsinore, California, they has not only expanded its footprint but has also accrued over two decades of profound expertise in the field.

Rooted in Quality, Cultivated in the USA

A defining hallmark of Flavor West lies in its meticulous dedication to quality. Boasting a diverse repertoire of flavor concentrates, all products are meticulously crafted within the United States. Drawing from more than two decades of experience, Flavor West is well-versed in the art of infusing culinary excellence into every blend.

Crafted for Culinary Excellence, Approved for Vaping

All Flavor West concentrates bear the seal of approval from the food industry, underscoring their commitment to both safety and flavor precision. Fueled by an in-house quality control team, each batch undergoes stringent scrutiny to ensure compliance with their exacting standards.

Innovative Whimsy: Unconventional Flavors with a Purpose

Flavor West distinguishes itself through its creative repertoire of sometimes offbeat flavors, accompanied by whimsical names. These versatile concentrates find utility not only in e-liquid formulations but also in crafting delectable beverages. Tailored to cater to the needs of the burgeoning DIY community, many of these flavors are curated explicitly for e-cigarettes.

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