Dinner Lady
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Dinner Lady

In 2016, two enthusiasts started Dinner Lady with the aim of producing premium e-liquids with unbeatable taste.

Today, Dinner Lady is one of the absolute largest e-liquid companies on the market and sells to more than 100 countries. All manufacturing takes place in the UK with over 200 employees in their new and technologically superior factories.

Dinner Lady has won over 50 awards for its e-liquids including “Best Dessert Flavour” five years in a row.

Their first e-liquid they released was Lemon Tart, which is still the best-selling dessert juice worldwide. Lemon Tart has gained an almost iconic status in the vape world.

In 2019, they released their first disposable vape, which was a little ahead of the competition. Dinner Lady saw the potential of single-use vapes in particular and took the plunge here as well.

Now they have a very large line of e-liquids and concentrates and every new product they release is a success with users. We look forward to what Dinner Lady will release next and will always stock their new collections.

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