Uwell Caliburn G/G2 Coils (4pcs)

149 kr  

Uwell Caliburn G-coils mesh is available in three different resistances:

  • 1.2Ω: 9 – 13W
  • 1.0Ω: 10 – 15W
  • 0.8Ω: 13 – 18W


Compatible devices
Uwell Caliburn G-coils work with the following:

Caliburn G & Caliburn G Pods
Caliburn Koko Prime Kit
Caliburn G2 & Caliburn G2 Pods
Caliburn GK2
Caliburn X
Caliburn & Ironfirst L

Different resistances:
1.2Ω & 1.0Ω: Best for a limited MTL vape similar to smoking.
0.8Ω: Gives more vapor and an airier vape.
Recommended wattage:
1.2Ω: 9 – 13W
1.0Ω: 10 – 15W
0.8Ω: 13 – 18W
common questions
What e-liquid can you use with Caliburn G coils?

The 1 Ω coils are best used with e-liquids with a VG:PG ratio in the 50:50 range.
The 0.8 Ω coils can be used with e-liquids that have a VG:PG ratio between 50:50 and 70:30.

What is the difference between mesh and regular coils?

Mesh coils maximize the surface of the coil against the e-liquid. This ensures better heat dissipation, making it ideal for higher wattage, and provides increased vapor and flavor.

What is a mouth to lung (MTL) vape?

With mouth to lung, you inhale steam and hold it in your mouth for a while before inhaling again so that the steam reaches your lungs. In Direct-Lung vaping, you inhale into your lungs in one continuous breath.

How long do the coils last?

Coil life depends on many factors, including how long you vape, what e-juice you use, and what wattage you use your coil at. Low resistance coils, such as the 0.8 Ω coil, used at higher wattages will not last as long as higher resistance coils, such as the 1 Ω coil.

You can extend the life of the coil by priming the coil before use, by using e-juice with the correct VG:PG ratios, by not exceeding the recommended wattage and by filling your tank so that the coil never dries out. With care, these coils should last anywhere from one to several weeks.