Aspire Nautilus / Triton Mini Coils 5pcs

129 kr149 kr  



Aspire Nautilus BVC Cotton Coils have been upgraded with organic cotton for a better experience with large clouds and cleaner taste. This is a coil that can reproduce all the right flavors with thick satisfying cloud of steam!
The coils are made of stainless steel for better durability and with the additional holes that have been added to the Aspire sucks quicker access to the e-juice used. With the first class build quality of the Aspire Nautilus BVC Cotton Coils, it is easy to believe that the use subohm even though you do not.


  • 1,8Ω (Nautilus modell)
  • 1,8Ω NS (Nautilus modell)
  • 1,6Ω (Nautilus modell)
  • 0,7Ω (Nautilus 2 modell)
  • 0,7Ω Mesh (20-25W) Nautilus 2S (Nautilus 3 modell)