Tauren Hybrid 2in1 Mech Mod

729 kr  

Thunderhead Creations

(battery is not included with the product)

(battery is not included with the product)


Tauren Hybrid Mech Mod can be used either with a 18650 battery and the special chip tube over the battery which gives the mod the same protections as you normally get with regular mods, or it can be used with a 21700/18650 battery as a classic mech mod. Tauren Hybrid uses a ball in the button connection which provides quick and reliable firing even when the button is pressed askew. Made with a unique CNC technique with a durable sandblasting paint, it comes in an aluminum tube and with a unique serial number.

WARNING! This product is only for users who know what they are doing and understand the risks associated with it. When using without the chip it has no security features and provides power directly from the batteries. We can not be hold responsible at misuse!

Packing Details:

  • 1 × Tauren Mod
  • 1 × Tauren X-tube
  • 1 × 18650 Adapter
  • 1 × Aluminum Tube
  • 1 × Flannelette Bag


  • Multiple safety features when using with the X-tube
  • Size: 26-24 * 92.5 mm
  • Compatible with 1× 21700 / 20700 / 18650 (not included)