Yummay Guava Red Edition by Fcukin’ Flava (50ml Zero Nicotine Shortfill)

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“Indulge in the sweet, tangy, and authentic taste of guava that melts on your tongue. Each vapor cloud offers an aromatic, delightful, and full-bodied vaping experience that envelops your senses. The natural sweetness of the juicy guava fruit harmoniously combines with a refreshing tartness, creating a perfect balance of flavors. Each puff provides a fresh and invigorating sensation that takes you on a journey to the paradise of the tropics. Treat yourself to this wonderful vaping experience that will delight your taste buds with the authentic taste of guava.”

Fcukin' Flava

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VG content: 50 %
E-liquid quantity: 50 ml
Bottle volume: 60 ml

Shortfills is somewhat concentrated e-liquid delivered in not completely filled bottles with space for adding one or more nic shots.

In Yummay Guava Red Edition you can add a 10ml nic shot 20mg/ml to get an e-liquid with a total nicotine strength of 3.3mg/ml.