Red Apple Peach Ice by Killa Fruits (100ml Zero Nicotine Shortfill)


ICED RED APPLE PEACH – A scrumptious apple and peach flavor and cool mint effect.”

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VG content: 70 %
E-liquid quantity: 100 ml
Bottle volume: 120 ml

Discover a premium fruit experience with Killa Fruits 100ml, crafted by the renowned company of the same name. This e-juice takes you on a flavor journey that approaches the wonders of nature, created with dedication at LCF Labs in sunny California, USA. Here, well-known brands like Humble, Blvk, Mr. Macaron, and Vapetasia also take shape.

Fruit Focus For Killa Fruits, fruit is not just an ingredient; it’s the star of the show. Their e-juices are meticulously designed to offer an authentic flavor experience where every nuance and tone in the fruit’s flavor profile are highlighted. It’s a flavor journey that brings you as close to the actual fruit as possible. With each puff, you’ll experience the freshness of nature dancing on your taste buds.

In the table below you see what nicotine strength you get by adding one or two nic shots in your Red Apple Peach Ice.

Nic Shot 20mg/ml Nicotine strength Total quantity
1 × 10ml 1.8 mg/ml 110 ml
2 × 10ml 3.3 mg/ml 120 ml

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