Butter Biscotto by Liqua (12ml Zero Nicotine Longfill)

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“With a single puff you will remember the classic butter cookie flavor sprinkled with sugar. Perfect for vaping throughout the day!”

This is a flavor concentrate that must be filled up with nic. shots and/or base liquid before use!

12ml flavor concentrate in a 70ml bottle that can get a nicotine strength up to a maximum of 16mg/ml. See more in the table further down the page!


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VG content: 0 %
Filled quantity: 12 ml
Bottle volume: 70 ml

LIQUA™ is a premium high-quality e-liquid brand that is available in over 85 countries. LIQUAs full range of flavors are designed carefully by the most professional flavorists from Italy. LIQUAs array of fine vape flavors are designed to suit every kind of vaper.

Longfills are bottles that are only filled with flavor concentrate, where you have to fill up with nicotine shots and/or base liquid.

In the table below you see what nicotine strength you get by adding various nic shots and/or base liquid in your Butter Biscotto.

Nic. Shot 20mg/ml Base liquid 0mg/ml Nicotine strength Total quantity
5 × 10ml 0 ml 16 mg/ml 62 ml
4 × 10ml 10 ml 13 mg/ml 62 ml
3 × 10ml 20 ml 9,5 mg/ml 62 ml
2 × 10ml 30 ml 6,5 mg/ml 62 ml
1 × 10ml 40 ml 3 mg/ml 62 ml
0 × 10ml 50 ml 0 mg/ml 62 ml

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